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La Jolla, California April 22-24 2018

2018 Presentations

Cam Marston

Event Emcee

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Jim Turner

Shelly Palmer

Jim Turner is a recognized expert and advisor in consumer, business and technology innovation, and he leads Strategy Advisory Services and Solutions for The Palmer Group where he is also co-author of the annual Media and Tech Trend Report.

Gair Maxwell

Branding With Distinction

From unemployed after a 20-year career to consulting for Fortune 500 Companies including Apple and Mitsubishi, Gair Maxwell didn't follow a safe or conventional path to get where he is today. Beginning in 2006 when Gair's counter-intuitive theories on "Branding With Distinction"™ were first applied, independent business owners saw unprecedented growth over a 5-year period. Today, the acclaimed speaker, author and former broadcaster works to help companies sharpen their message and anchor their story.

Marcus Sheridan

The Sales Lion

Called a “web marketing guru” by the New York Times, the story of how Marcus was able to save his swimming pool company, River Pools, from the economic crash of 2008 has been featured in multiple books, publications, and university case studies around the world – and is also the inspiration for his latest book, “They Ask, You Answer,” which was dubbed the #1 marketing book to read in 2017 by Mashable and one of “11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read” by Forbes.

Connor Lokar

ITR Economics

Connor Lokar is a Program Economist at ITR Economics. He provides economic consulting services for businesses, trade associations and Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. His economic insight and forecasting experience play a key role in ITR's 94.7% forecast accuracy. Connor specializes in the Construction Industry from his close work with ITR's longstanding client HARDI, and works on the ITR trends report.